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Join LHP at ATE 2016

By Megan Verkamp
September 23, 2016

Category • Automotive, Test Controls

Join LHP at the 13th annual Automotive Testing Expo (ATE) where the latest technologies and services that are being used in the automotive production process will be on display. Over 300 exhibitors will be in attendance to showcase state-of-the-art technologies that are improving vehicle standards, reliability, durability, safety and quality. The Suburban Collection Showplace|October 25-27, 2016 We are the Engine Control Test Experts! Weve brought our best people and products to ATE so you can see LHP prototyping and testing tools in action. During the show, well provide hands-on demos of our Panthera Rapid Controls Prototyping Suite and RCP Evaluation Kit Accelerating the development and testing of embedded controls for high-precision and high-reliability automotive applications isnt all we do at LHP. MIL/SIL/PIL/HIL? Of course. Functional safety and lifecycle application support? Double-check. Analytics in the Age of IoT? Yes, were here. Visit us at booth #8050 find


Coding with the Community

By Megan Verkamp
September 15, 2016

Category • IoT, Data, Analytics, Coding

LHPs Data Analytics team has partnered with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce on the piloting of technology introductions for school students. Cool Coding Awareness Week is scheduled to kick-off October 24-30. For one week,trainers from Eleven Fifty Academy will deliver age-appropriate lessons about computer coding to 1000 Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation students, working alongside teachers, out-of-school educators and a small army of volunteers. Instructors will be at Lincoln, Mt. Healthy, Smith and Taylorsville Elementary Schools, Central Middle School and CSA New Tech High School. LHP has commited to providing 45 hours of hands-on instruction during the classroom sessions. Outside of the classroom, LHP plans to conduct a workshop at kidscommons, using remote-controlled cars and Raspberry Pi processors. Cool Coding Awareness Week: Grades K-1: Learn about the computer languages that drive the hardware Grades 2-6: Learn the basics of computer coding


Join LHP at Indy Big Data

By Megan Verkamp
July 18, 2016

Category • Data Analytics

LHP will be in Indianapolis, IN on Thursday September 1st for The third annual Indy Big Data Conference The Tipping Point. This event brings visionaries from all sectors together to highlight the new tools and technologies that have recently hit the market. This years conference will be focused on creating a big data culture of success and exploring topics such as thinking and doing things differently than you or your organization have ever done before. By the year 2025, the Internet of Things is expected to generate between $3.9 to $11.1 Trillion of economic benefit per year. Embedded Controls Software and Analytics are expected to drive 85% of the IoT revenue, with IoT value derived from Business Transformation opportunities and through enabling new business models. To meet this challenge, companies must to bring together the people, processes, and tools from engineering and IT into seamless, connected solutions. Join Michael King from LHP Engineering Solutions as we demonstrate


Join LHP at NIWeek 2016

By Megan Verkamp
July 06, 2016

Category • NIWeek, LHP Platform

LHP will be at the 22nd annual NIWeek, the worlds leading graphical system design conference and exhibition, hosted by National Instruments, where you can get hands-on training on the LHP Rapid Controls Prototyping Evaluation Kit utilizing LHP Panthera RCP Suite. You will be up and running your own control models in no time. The kit includes a trial of the LHP Panthera RCP Suite, NI controller hardware, example Simulink models, and step-by-step instructions so you can get started right away. You will have the ability to explore the full potential of the Panthera RCP Suite and NI hardware in order to begin to define and specify your custom-engineered rapid prototyping system. LHP will be hosting two break-out sessions: - Building a Rapid Control Prototyping System for Engine Research and Development: Tuesday, August 2nd at 4:45 PM- room E - Hands-On: Panthera Training Workshop Wednesday, August 3rd at 10:30 AM- room 18C Visit us at our booth #232 to catch a live demo of


LHPES 2016 European Product Roadshow

By Brianna Socci
May 05, 2016

Category • Panthera, Rapid Prototyping, RCP Eval Kit

The LHP Team took its Product Road Showto Europe! LHP visited customers throughout Europe to introduce our Panthera Rapid Controls Prototyping (RCP) Software and our RCP Evaluation Kit, and to advise them on real-world applications. Customers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Academic, and Medical sectors were able to get their hands on LHP tools to execute Simulink models on real-time National Instruments hardware. As LHP and our customers analyzed their application needs, we were able to architect solutions using LHPs hardware and software tools. Several of these customers are now already using Panthera to accelerate their embedded controls development. LHP tools are proving valuable in providing the Simulink experience on National Instruments hardware, with a seamless workflow and expeditious development cycles. The new RCP Eval Kit has a self-training workbook that teaches new users to operate the Panthera software and Eval Kit hardware. Hands-on projects with practical applications


LHP Showcase

By Brianna Socci
April 14, 2016

Category • Panthera, Rapid Prototyping, Embedded Controls, RPU, DTE

LHP Showcase: Rubbing Elbows, Kicking Tires, and Learning the Ropes The LHP Platform Team spent the first week of April holding a Product Showcase at the LHPES Detroit office in Pontiac, MI. The showcase included workshops, seminars, and demos to get our customers up to speed on the latest tech to accelerate embedded controls development. The theme of this showcase was to explore LHPs model-based development workflow, with an integrated product line, that enables rapid prototyping, desktop simulation, and hardware-in-the-loop VV. Product Demos The LHP product line was displayed and demonstrated for all visitors. Customers were able to run model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, and hardware-in-the-loop applications with our Panthera rapid controls prototyping suite (RCP), rapid prototype units (RPU), desktop test environments (DTE), and HIL test platforms (HTP). Tours, walkthroughs, and demos, allowed LHP and our customers to interact and discuss applications. Lunch and Learns We


Rapid Controls Prototyping Techniques

By Brianna Socci
March 23, 2016

Category • Panthera, Rapid Prototyping

Rapid control prototyping enables engineers to test the operation of new controls in real applications early in the development cycle. The prototyping platform can be implemented in several ways. Often, the easiest solution is to simply use an existing ECU and add the new functionality by utilizing spare I/O pins in existing software. This works fine if the ECU has the spare I/O, CPU resources, and memory required to implement the new functionality, but these constraints often present obstacles to innovative research and development. Many people would prefer to use an open hardware architecture, like National Instruments cRIO, to provide a more flexible and expandable solution for rapid prototyping in a real research environment. The NI cRIO chassis with NIs large selection of c-series I/O cards provide a very powerful and flexible hardware platform to adapt to future research projects. Model-based system design practices provide a scalable and adaptable software platform that can quickly


LHPES 2016 Road Show

By Brianna Socci
January 19, 2016

Category • Panthera, HTP, RPU, Model Based Design, DTE

The LHP team is on tour! Our engineers are packing up their roadie cases and visiting companies and technical events to demonstrate how embedded controls can be developed more effectively with powerful tools and efficient workflows. Some of the presentations prepared for these visits include: Accelerating your Embedded Controls with an Integrated Workflow A Rapid Prototyping Workflow for Embedded Controls Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Workflow for Automotive Controls Implementing a Model-based Design and Test Workflow Each of these presentations are prepared with an educational seminar and product demonstration format. LHP is always willing to tailor our workshops to the specific needs of the audience. If you, your application, or your technical team can benefit from learning about these tools and workflows, be sure to contact platform@lhpes.com to schedule LHPs participation in your event. Applications with specific interest in embedded controls development would gain the most


LHP Bridges the Gap between Mathworks’ Simulink® and National Instruments’ Hardware

By Sandeep Dosanjh
November 16, 2015

Category • Panthera, Rapid Prototyping, Model Based Design

Mathworks Simulink is a commonly used programming environment for modeling and simulation and National Instruments is a leader in test automation equipment. Traditionally, making these two companies tools work together added complexity to the workflow, leading to an increase in delivery time and cost. LHP saw this as an opportunity to create platforms to accelerate model based design by uniting Matworks and National Instruments products. Earlier this year, LHP released its first version of the Panthera RCP Suite at National Instruments (NI) Week 2015, allowing users to develop real-time controls algorithms with Simulink and then immediately deploy their models to National Instruments hardware. Panthera Features The Panthera RCP Suite is a complete suite that supports rapid controls prototyping on National Instruments LinuxRT-based controllers. The suite includes the Panthera Blockset, Panthera RTE run-time engine, Calibra measurement and calibration tool, and Panthera FPGA toolkit. The


Introducing a Reconfigurable Platform for Your HIL Need

By Sandeep Dosanjh
October 22, 2015

Category • HIL, Automotive Test Expo, HTP, Testing

LHP Engineering Solutions proudly presents a new addition to our product offering: the LHP HIL Test Platform (LHP/HTP). LHP/HTP was launched at the Engine Expo this week at booth E100 in Novi, MI. LHP/HTP provides a reconfigurable platform for Hardware-in-the-Loop testing from a single product to an entire product line. LHP has designed a three-tier test environment architecture approach which consists of a hardware-in-the-loop manual testing architectural model, an automated test architectural model, and reconfigurable automated test architectural model. Selectable options extend each architecture tier to further tailor the system to meet the requirements based upon blocks that each build up to the next tier. Thus, the LHP/HTP can be made extensible and grow according to customer needs. LHP can provide a basic open loop system, a closed loop automated system, a complete data-driven total test automation system with traceability to requirements, as well as variations to those architectural