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Let’s Get Smarter about Functional Safety Implementation

Any time a process-heavy requirement is mandated in any industry, you’ll usually see the following progression of events:

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The following thought progression usually ensues:


  1. Oh no! - The process is mandated
  2. This is good enough! - Companies scramble to implement as well as they can to meet the minimum requirements
  3. Oops, this is expensive! - Over time, they determine they’ve implemented it in a very inefficient way and it’s costing way too much
  4. Let’s offshore it! – So they try to determine lower cost ways of achieving the same goal, like offshoring
  5. Well that didn’t work! – Cost is reduced but schedules are blown
  6. Let’s get smarter! – Efforts to optimize and automate are finally considered


ISO26262 functional safety is no different than other process-heavy mandates.


Here's a thought: What if everyone bypassed steps 2-5 and went straight to 6?


LHP can help companies go from “oh no” to “let’s get smarter” with our certified Functional Safety Consultants. LHP is specialized in helping customers develop safety-critical electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic products and can help customers meet any functional safety standard.

Want more information about the Functional Safety Services LHP offers?

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