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Model-Based Design Expert Redefines Image

LHP Software, a leading provider of embedded electronic controls systems, development products, and engineering processes that streamline operations in engineering organizations, today announced it has changed its name to LHP Engineering Solutions. The name underscores the company’s focus on driving customers forward by meeting embedded control challenges head-on with an engineering toolkit of resources.


For the last two decades, LHP Engineering Solution’s teams have led the industry in model-based design applications, creating embedded electronic control solutions for the country’s emerging and most influential automotive leaders as they approach aggressive growth or sustain high-volume operations. The automotive experts at LHP Engineering Solutions can apply the intricate engineering solutions that serve the automotive industry to complex challenges in other industries like medical devices, power generation, oil and gas, and the broader transportation industry.

“To keep up with the challenges of increasingly complex embedded electronic control systems and escalating demands of industry standards, companies must have technology, people, and processes in place that will improve efficiency without draining resources,” said Dave Glass, CEO of LHP Engineering Solutions. LHP works with technology leaders facing increasingly complex embedded electronic control systems amidst escalating demands of industry standards, regulations, and the pressure to harness the powerful opportunities of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).


LHP Engineering Solutions optimizes engineering resources for organizations, shifting companies from inflating the staff to creating scalable, core technologies and processes that serve the business through growth, meet the challenges of increased complexities, and inform strategic staff decisions. LHP helps companies by taking a step back and evaluating engineering operations as a whole. With an unbiased, outside perspective, LHP Engineering Solutions discovers and elevates best practices to maximize production across a company.

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