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Rinehart Motion Systems Becomes Functional Safety Certified

Rinehart Motion Systems leveraged LHP’s Functional Safety Expressway to open the doors to new business and safety certification.

COLUMBUS, INDIANA ---Last November, LHP introduced the Functional Safety Expressway as a response to the new safety-critical regulations (ISO 26262) that are impacting the design and development of all on-highway vehicles, including trucks, buses, trailers, semitrailers, and motorcycles this year- See the original press release here 

The FSXpressway focuses on getting small companies and startups positioned to execute functional safety projects and refine their compliance process. LHP is striving to provide a comprehensive solution and pathway towards product compliance that not only addresses the technical and process hurdles, but also business limitations. Through LHP’s exclusive North American partnership with TUV Nord, the world’s largest certifying body, LHP can help companies become ISO 26262 ready in as little as six months.

Rinehart Motion Systems (RMS), a provider of propulsion inverters and ancillary power electronics for new and emerging applications of electric and hybrid electric ground vehicles, was an early adopter of the FSXpressway and has since opened the doors to new vehicle markets. After adopting the FSXpressway model, RMS has transformed its business model – and captured multiple safety critical product development opportunities.

Steve Neemeh, LHP’s President of LHP’s Software Solutions group expresses “By working as partners and combining our respective domain expertise, we were able to transform the RMS business model to include safety critical applications. We have created a model through which small companies can compete in a stringent regulatory environment, which is key for engineering innovation.”

In less than a year from adoption, the RMS/LHP team developed the internal processes, upgraded the design consideration in hardware and software, itemized the production process, and set a structure which allows for compliance to safety standards. Validation of those steps was performed by TUV Nord, a globally recognized certification body.


In addition, by leveraging decades of aerospace design experience, LHP also supported RMS in the expansion of the process into aerospace safety standards, which has resulted in sales in a market new to the company.

Larry Rinehart, president of RMS, says “We are in the midst of a major change in our industry. Two years ago, none of our customers needed or were concerned about functional safety compliant products. Today, however, nearly every customer is looking for a solution that can comply – maybe not this quarter, or this year, but very soon. Thanks to our collaboration with LHP, we are now the first small supplier of propulsion system electronics that can credibly tell new customers that we are fully qualified to take on the challenge of developing a compliant product for their needs. I cannot overstate the competitive advantage this gives us, and the access to new market segments it opens for us.”


To learn more about LHP’s FSXpressway, and to get your organization ready to meet the stringent safety regulations, visit LHP’s website www.LHPES.com/Functional-Safety or email LHP at sales@lhpes.com.


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Since 2001, LHP Engineering Solutions (LHP) has provided engineering services and technology integration for embedded controls, telematics, data analytics, and model-based design. LHP specializes in creating custom, flexible, and comprehensive technology solutions in the automotive, aerospace, and medical fields. LHP works to provide state of the art testing technologies, model-based design concepts, standardized embedded software architecture, customized training, and complete workflow solutions for functional safety. 

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Rinehart Motion Systems

Founded in 2002, Rinehart Motion Systems (RMS) has developed a unique packaging approach (with 6 issued patents to date) and has established a TS16949-compliant new product realization process and manufacturing relationships with TS-certified automotive production facilities in the US, Asia,  and Europe. RMS drives are typically half the size and weight, are more rugged, and are generally easier to use than competitive products. The company also provides unique customization services – offering new software features, communications protocols, custom housings and specialized functionality for different applications.



To contact RMS, please visit http://www.rinehartmotion.com/contact.html, call at 503-344-5085, or email to sales@rinehartmotion.com  






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