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A New Platform for Testing Complex Control Systems

Later this month, LHP is releasing a new product into our model-based design and test workflow at the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, MI.  The LHP Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Platform (LHP/HTP) supports verification and validation of embedded systems development.


This is the first blog in a three-part interview series that highlights the new LHP/HTP.  In this addition, we will hear from Dan White, Chief Engineer of LHP’s Product Platform Group, about the basics of the LHP/HTP and the value it can provide to organizations.


Dan White Interview


Brianna: What is the purpose of the LHP/HTP product?
Dan: The LHP Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Platform (LHP/HTP) provides a reconfigurable platform for Hardware-in-the-Loop testing from a single product to an entire product line. The LHP/HTP provides a high fidelity test platform utilizing plant models that execute closed loop testing on a real-time processor. The LHP/HTP provides reconfigurable signal conditioning hardware used in signal generation and load testing. Quality engineers can configure fault simulation and fault insertion options to verify that failure mode requirements are met by the device under test. The LHP/HTP supports both manual and automated test execution. The LHP/HTP can provide the capability to execute data driven, automated tests as well as database driven LHP/HTP re-configuration.


Brianna: What value does the LHP/HTP offer?
Dan: An open, flexible platform that can meet specific customer requirements for testing complex control systems. Ultimately, this results in finding defects earlier with less effort.


Brianna: What types of applications are best suited for the LHP/HTP?
Dan: Any application requiring extensive, repeatable testing of an electronic control unit (ECU), such as:

  • Product line architecture verification of a family of ECUs
  • Closed loop ECU testing for release/acceptance testing
  • Automotive ECU testing (Engine, powertrain, chassis, body controllers)


Brianna: Can you give more details on the technical performance of the LHP/HTP?
Dan: The LHP/HTP is tailored to the customer needs using an open architecture hardware platform and a configurable test environment.  Our LHP/HTP demo at the Automotive Testing Expo is designed for demonstrating basic capabilities, details of which will follow after the third part of this blog is released. Keep in mind that the specific input and output suite of interfaces and test sequences are is customizable for the specific user’s application.


Brianna: Where could someone get more detailed information about the LHP/HTP?
Dan: You can get a first glimpse of the system at the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, MI from October 20-22nd. We will be exhibiting on the Engine Expo side at booth#E100. If you cannot make it to the show then you can contact the LHP Product Platform Group at to request a demo or more information about the LHP Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Platform (LHP/HTP).

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