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Author: Bryan Rushton


Augmented Reality: A Real Use Case

By Bryan Rushton
April 17, 2018

Augmented Reality, and its cousin Virtual Reality, commonly referred to as A/R or AR and V/R or VR, have long held great intrigue by nearly everyone who is aware of their possibility. Virtual reality, the idea that we can immerse ourselves wholly in a digital and artificial rendering of the world, has been dreamt about for decades, and is ever closer permeating our everyday lives. Most have seen the advertisements that turn some smart phones into a VR headset. Extreme sports enthusiasts have probably seen commercially available 360-degree field of view cameras. This is quickly bringing millions their first samples of virtual reality and the power it has.


Big Trucks - Big Data: The Use of IoT in Truck Platooning

Continuing from LHP’s recent post on Platooning - “Is Platooning the Future of IoT in The Trucking Industry?”, there are other implications to the evolving automation of heavy-duty trucking, especially as they relate to big data and analytics. As a review, the areas of EU regulatory framework are to focus on-


Data, Devices, Connectivity, Oh-My!

By Bryan Rushton
February 26, 2018

Category • Data Analytics, IoT, IoT Analytics Training, Connectivity

It is impossible to go very long without hearing that IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and AI are going to completely transform everything we do, both personally and professionally. Yet, for all the talk, most people are willing to admit that, while they might vaguely know what the concepts are and some of the anecdotal effects of these technologies permeating our everyday lives will be, they don't exactly know how to get started. LHP has created an IoT Analytics Training that focuses on IoT connectivity between the could and live data sets

Mastering Functional Safety at your Organization

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