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Author: Sandeep Dosanjh


LHP Bridges the Gap between Mathworks’ Simulink® and National Instruments’ Hardware

By Sandeep Dosanjh
November 16, 2015

Category • Panthera, Rapid Prototyping, Model Based Design

Mathworks Simulink is a commonly used programming environment for modeling and simulation and National Instruments is a leader in test automation equipment. Traditionally, making these two companies tools work together added complexity to the workflow, leading to an increase in delivery time and cost. LHP saw this as an opportunity to create platforms to accelerate model based design by uniting Matworks and National Instruments products. Earlier this year, LHP released its first version of the Panthera RCP Suite at National Instruments (NI) Week 2015, allowing users to develop real-time controls algorithms with Simulink and then immediately deploy their models to National Instruments hardware. Panthera Features The Panthera RCP Suite is a complete suite that supports rapid controls prototyping on National Instruments LinuxRT-based controllers. The suite includes the Panthera Blockset, Panthera RTE run-time engine, Calibra measurement and calibration tool, and Panthera FPGA toolkit. The


Introducing a Reconfigurable Platform for Your HIL Need

By Sandeep Dosanjh
October 22, 2015

Category • HIL, Automotive Test Expo, HTP, Testing

LHP Engineering Solutions proudly presents a new addition to our product offering: the LHP HIL Test Platform (LHP/HTP). LHP/HTP was launched at the Engine Expo this week at booth E100 in Novi, MI. LHP/HTP provides a reconfigurable platform for Hardware-in-the-Loop testing from a single product to an entire product line. LHP has designed a three-tier test environment architecture approach which consists of a hardware-in-the-loop manual testing architectural model, an automated test architectural model, and reconfigurable automated test architectural model. Selectable options extend each architecture tier to further tailor the system to meet the requirements based upon blocks that each build up to the next tier. Thus, the LHP/HTP can be made extensible and grow according to customer needs. LHP can provide a basic open loop system, a closed loop automated system, a complete data-driven total test automation system with traceability to requirements, as well as variations to those architectural


Exhibiting New Products at NIWeek 2015

By Sandeep Dosanjh
July 30, 2015

Category • General

We are pleased to announce LHPs participation in the 21st annual NIWeek, the worlds leading graphical system design conference and exhibition, hosted by National Instruments. LHP Engineering Solutions will be in Austin, Texas August 3-6 showcasing our new products and connecting with customers. At NI week participators can listen to keynote speakers, participate in interactive demonstrations, and learn about the latest technology to accelerate productivity for software-defined systems in test, measurement, and control. National Instruments hosts 3,200 of the worlds brightest engineers, educators, and scientists, during their week-long event. This Year we will be introducing our new Panthera RCP Suite Software and Rapid Prototyping Unit. The Panthera Blockset provides embedded systems engineers an environment to develop real-time controls algorithms with MathWorks Simulink using the Panthera Blockset and immediately deploy to National Instruments hardware. LHP/RPU allows Run real-time