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How to Holistically Address Functional Safety

LHP Engineering Solutions is an engineering service company providing technology integration and guidance for embedded controls, telematics, data analytics, and model-based design. Since 2001, we have been helping create flexible, custom, and comprehensive technology solutions for the automotive industry.




LHP Ecosystem


LHP Engineering Solutions provides expertise to the automotive industry on topics including embedded controls, telematics, and data analytics. LHP has defined an ecosystem consisting of seven necessary focus areas that, if pursued together, will place the development of autonomous vehicle technologies on the right track regarding safety, standardization, and automation.


Ecosystem Focus Areas:

  • AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture)
  • Functional Safety
  • Cybersecurity
  • Model-Based Development
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Test Systems
  • Analytics

    We have noticed that more often than not, clients work on their technologies independently which forces them to have repeat work which wastes valuable resources including time and money.

    To avoid this, we've developed a method of approaching and using an advisory model (Ecosystem.) This advisory model includes experts in each of the seven areas listed above. If clients use this advisory model, they will be able to approach their work more efficiently with cost-savings.

    This is just one of the ways we provide solutions to our clients. If you would like to learn more about LHPES and our Ecosystem approach, contact us today.

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Mastering Functional Safety at your Organization

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With the fast-paced growth and consumer interest of autonomous vehicles (AVs), it’s no surprise that companies are rushing to get ahead on the trend. Here are some of the most overlooked considerations companies need to put more emphasis on when it comes to implementing functional safety in the automotive industry.

LHP Engineering Solutions was founded in 2001 with the mission to provide the means to create a safer, smarter, and more connected world by enabling safer autonomous technologies through the LHP functional safety ecosystem.

LHP Engineering Solutions (LHP), an engineering services provider and technology leader in transportation functional safety, today announcced the addition of Marty Muse to its Executive Team as Vice President of Marketing. Muse brings nearly 20 years of experience in marketing leadership, strategic planning, and revenue operations for US-based, multi-national B2B software/technology organizations. Muse will be leading the LHP Marketing function where he will spearhead several important initiatives in support of LHP's vision.