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Join LHP at NIWeek 2016

LHP will be at the 22nd annual NIWeek, the world’s leading graphical system design conference and exhibition, hosted by National Instruments, where you can get hands-on training on the LHP Rapid Controls Prototyping Evaluation Kit utilizing LHP Panthera® RCP Suite.

Join LHP at Indy Big Data

You will be up and running your own control models in no time. The kit includes a trial of the LHP Panthera RCP Suite, NI controller hardware, example Simulink models, and step-by-step instructions so you can get started right away. You will have the ability to explore the full potential of the Panthera RCP Suite and NI hardware in order to begin to define and specify your custom-engineered rapid prototyping system.


LHP will be hosting two break-out sessions:

- Building a Rapid Control Prototyping System for Engine Research and Development:

·Tuesday, August 2nd at 4:45 PM- room E


- Hands-On: Panthera Training Workshop

·Wednesday, August 3rd at 10:30 AM- room 18C


Visit us at our booth #232 to catch a live demo of our Evaluation Kit and/or get hands on training for building and deploying models on NI c-RIO hardware. If you are unable visit our booth (#232) but want to learn more about how LHP leverages our extensive MBD capabilities across the entire V-Model, please contact platform@lhpes.com . To learn more about NIWeek, visit ni.com/niweek.


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LHP Engineering Solutions (LHP), a U.S. based engineering services provider and technology integrator, is excited to announce the expansion of operations to Europe through LHP Europe Srl, headquartered in Bologna, Italy, expanding the existing work of LHP Engineering Solutions and focusing on the quickly evolving European automotive market.

One of the most integral elements of the Hybrid Electrical Vehicle or HEV is the control technology. Due to these vehicles operating in a vast range of environments the motor will regularly switch through various loads. With that said, the most important issue is improving motor control efficiency while maintaining performance and avoiding damage. It’s wise to test control algorithms for motor control through simulation before applying power to any circuit. Especially when working with hundreds of volts and/or hundreds of amps of current. A simple mistake in your control algorithm can damage components or even worse cause collateral damage.

As driverless technologies rise to prominence, the safety and functionality of crucial automotive systems, is becoming an ever more pressing issue. Because of this, the embedded controls industry is on a lot of people’s minds. Even so, in some sectors, we are suffering from a lack of engineers with the right skill sets to drive the industry forward.