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LHP Engineering Solutions Re-Introduces the Drivven Brand into the Powertrain Controls Market


National Instruments (NI) and the Technology Solutions division of LHP Engineering Solutions (LHPTS) have reached an agreement to re-introduce the Drivven Brand name and give ownership to LHP’s San Antonio Based LHPTS team.




As a correction to the previous release, National Instruments (NI) is not transitioning the PCG Module line to LHP Engineering Solutions, but are looking to LHP as a recommended and preferred partner to distribute the current PCG Module line. LHP is expanding their reach by re-introducing the Drivven name back into the market and will continue to be a provider of powertrain controls solutions.


The LHPTS team has a long-standing history with the Drivven brand and product line. Drivven was born in 2003 and was since purchased by National Instruments in 2010 and re-branded the NI Powertrain Controls Group (NI PCG). In 2017, LHP expanded capabilities by adding members of NI’s former PCG team to the LHP San Antonio Technology Solutions team and has since been working towards developing cutting-edge technology for direct interface with automotive engines and subsystems. Christopher Coy, the current LHPTS leader, was instrumental in the development, growth, and manufacturing of the previous Drivven product line.


Today, the Drivven team is back and as strong as ever. LHP firmly believes that as a preferred and recommended partner for NI, that customers will have more open and flexible support, resulting in greater customization and integration to current National Instruments systems. LHP’s long standing history as an NI support contract holder, NI Alliance Partner, and integrator within the automotive industry gives customers a dependable partner to carry out the module line.

Customers can still use NI’s modular PXI and C Series platforms to build a flexible and future-proof system that can adapt to your changing test requirements. The NI PCG modules, currently being sold on the National Instruments website, can be purchased through LHP Engineering Solutions as components to systems and solutions.

  • NI-DCM-2316
  • NI-DCM-2301
  • NI-9751-DI Driver
  • NI-9752-AD Combo
  • NI-9753-Diff I/O
  • NI-9757 – O2
  • NI-9758-PFI
  • NI-9759-Throttle
  • NI-9760-VR/Hall


The PCG Modules can be purchased at shop.lhpes.com . In addition to the modules, LHPTS also provides the 3, 6, 9, and 12 channel Direct Injector (DI) driver systems, as well as the NOx Sensor kit.

For more information about LHP Technology Solutions and the PCG Module Line please reach out to Christopher Coy, LHP Technology Solutions Divisions Leader and former Drivven Team member.

About LHP Technology Solutions:

LHP has been in the National Instruments partner network since 2008, and a service provider to the NI PCG product line for the last 2 years.  As former Drivven and National Instruments employees, the LHP Technology Solutions team, based in San Antonio, TX, has over 17 years of deep automotive domain knowledge specific to engine applications.



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