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LHPU Drives Success in the Automotive Engineering Industry




LHPU is an engineering training division, inside of LHP Engineering Solutions  that focuses on furthering skills and understanding of the automotive controls engineering industry. We -LHPU - pride ourselves on the success of our graduates in their careers. With our training, they are able to excel in their fields and grow through our lessons.

Why LHPU Works


LHPU is different from any other training program in the way that we prepare our students for the workforce. With a combination of engaging mentorships, flipped classrooms, and hands-on learning, our graduates find themselves way ahead of curve in the careers!


Our Testimonials Tell it All


We have many well-known companies that seek out our graduates every year and always get great feedback from them once they have their new hires for some time.

"He is head and shoulders above a college hire. In two months, he has a firm grasp on our tools and our processes and is 90-95% productive. Most college hires are only 50% productive after two months."

-Customer Manager from one of our major automotive clients.

We knew from the start of LHPU that our educational programs would truly help students by giving them a competitive edge. However, comment like this have really enforced that.

If you want to further your education in an engaging, hands-on environment that allows you to be as successful as possible, contact us at LHPU today. We know that our training is going to provide you with all of the opportunities you need to grow and climb the career ladder!




Interested in applying for LHPU? Visit our website www.lhpu.com 


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At LHPU, our goal is to help you excel in the automotive engineering industry by providing you with the hands-on experiences you need to succeed. Though online courses can be valuable and convenient, there is no way to replicate the value you get out of in-person lessons.

LHPU started based on our customer's needs to place engineers on site. We realized quickly that there were two options for our customers. One was an expert who was super expensive, and the other was a fresh college graduate, who is inexperienced and took a long time to acclimate and become productive.

By partnering with PerceptIn’s modular approach to autonomous sensor development, LHP’s knowledge of embedded controls and system integration proves to bring low-cost, easy to build autonomous solutions to the microtransit industry.