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Requirements are the Foundation of Test Processes

Building quality into a product mandates extensive testing throughout the product development process. Testing starts with Customer Needs and product conception and continues through the development process to the manufacturing floor. If Customer Need translations misinterpret the initial voice of the customer, then the delivered product will fail acceptance testing and validation. Product quality requires testing early and testing often inclusive of requirement translations.

Testing requires cycles of requirement analysis, test strategy development, test design, test case development, test execution, results reporting, defect management, traceability, and best practices to be incorporated into the concept, design, optimization, and manufacturing phases of product development. Requirements are to product development as arrows are to archery. Well written requirements provide the developer the tools to create the desired product and hit product goals. Building quality into requirements mandates that testing start with the verification of requirements.

Prior to the allocation of requirements, prior to creation of a model, and prior to the first line of code being written, the requirements must be tested just as the embedded software, embedded controller, and the product hardware would be tested. Requirements MUST be verified for correctness, conciseness, clarity, completeness, and continuity. Requirements specify the target to hit. Without measurable, testable, and quantifiable requirements, that have been verified and validated, it cannot be determined if the conceived product was developed.

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LHP Engineering Solutions (LHP), an engineering services provider and technology leader in transportation functional safety, today announcced the addition of Marty Muse to its Executive Team as Vice President of Marketing. Muse brings nearly 20 years of experience in marketing leadership, strategic planning, and revenue operations for US-based, multi-national B2B software/technology organizations. Muse will be leading the LHP Marketing function where he will spearhead several important initiatives in support of LHP's vision.

Creating technology can be a complicated and time-consuming process. At LHP Engineering Solutions, we provide just that; solutions. One way we provide our clients with solutions is with our advisory management model, Ecosystem.