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The Benefits of LHPU


LHPU is a program that was developed by LHP Engineering Solutions based on a need that our customers were having for students that could come out of college and be more productive in the work force. 

Previously, LHPU only offered six-week boot camps, and now we offer a lot of different customized training's that consolidate the technical and soft skills training needed in an automotive engineering career.

We try to replicate as much of a real-world scenario as possible for the students of LHPU. This not only allows the students to see and work with a real engine, but it also allows them to be more passionate about the field.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 2.48.08 PM
In this photo, you can see the students are proud of their work on this real-life engine where they developed strategies using automotive tools to control fuel to get this engine to start.


What are the Benefits of LHPU?


LHPU is so beneficial for aspiring engineers because we provide a safe and educational learning environment that allows for trial and error. College is general instruction that provides base knowledge about mathematics and engineering and what it takes to be an engineer. LHPU is more specific to the automotive industry and lets the students take that knowledge and apply it in the real world.

If you are thinking about furthering your career in the automotive engineering industry, or if you have any questions about LHPU and how we can help you advance in your career, contact us today!


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LHPU has come a very long way since our beginning in 2011. When we started, we had 17 students, no engines to work on, and no hands-on experience. In September of 2011, we decided that we wanted to get the students more engaged with actually automotive projects.

At LHPU, our goal is to help you excel in the automotive engineering industry by providing you with the hands-on experiences you need to succeed. Though online courses can be valuable and convenient, there is no way to replicate the value you get out of in-person lessons.