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The Importance of Hands-On Training vs. Online Training

At LHPU, our goal is to help you excel in the automotive engineering industry by providing you with the hands-on experiences you need to succeed. Though online courses can be valuable and convenient, there is no way to replicate the value you get out of in-person lessons.



Hands-On Immersive Training


The LHPU curriculum involves a lot of hands-on training and there's a lot of instruction. While we want to embrace the technology that allows for online training, we really value and think our students value the immersive training to being on a team, face to face, trying to solve the problem. Together they come up against challenges and develop and deliver solutions in a set amount of time.

Our courses are set up much like a real-world situation, which prepares them on how to deal with all aspects of their future career. That is why we think there is nothing more valuable than being together as students learning from each other — sharing your knowledge with other students and those students sharing knowledge back with you and just the fact that you're working as a team.


Cons of Online Learning


Whereas with online training, you still work with other students, but it is much less personable and less educational as well. There is a disconnect, to an extent, when working virtually that will limit the knowledge and experience you get from a course.

If you are ready to boost your career as an automotive engineer and acquire real-world experiences such as teamwork, problem-solving, and working with your hands, then contact us at LHPU today!


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