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LHPU Prepares You for Your Automotive Engineering Career

By Megan Verkamp
July 25, 2019

Category • Technology, career, Job Development, Alumni Success

Today's pace of technological change in the marketplace is accelerating. Customers and companies are trying to really grasp what's going on in technological development. The goal of LHPU is to provide engineers who can hit the ground running and really help our customers understand what's going on and help to re-engineer their engineering departments to help achieve their goals around data analytics, telematics, and embedded controls and software.


LHPU Drives Success in the Automotive Engineering Industry

By Megan Verkamp
July 11, 2019

Category • Alumni Success

LHPU is an engineering training division, inside of LHP Engineering Solutions  that focuses on furthering skills and understanding of the automotive controls engineering industry. We -LHPU - pride ourselves on the success of our graduates in their careers. With our training, they are able to excel in their fields and grow through our lessons.