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Introducing a Reconfigurable Platform for Your HIL Need

By Sandeep Dosanjh
October 22, 2015

Category • HIL, Automotive Test Expo, HTP, Testing

LHP Engineering Solutions proudly presents a new addition to our product offering: the LHP HIL Test Platform (LHP/HTP). LHP/HTP was launched at the Engine Expo this week at booth E100 in Novi, MI. LHP/HTP provides a reconfigurable platform for Hardware-in-the-Loop testing from a single product to an entire product line. LHP has designed a three-tier test environment architecture approach which consists of a hardware-in-the-loop manual testing architectural model, an automated test architectural model, and reconfigurable automated test architectural model. Selectable options extend each architecture tier to further tailor the system to meet the requirements based upon blocks that each build up to the next tier. Thus, the LHP/HTP can be made extensible and grow according to customer needs. LHP can provide a basic open loop system, a closed loop automated system, a complete data-driven total test automation system with traceability to requirements, as well as variations to those architectural


LHP Engineering Solutions to Speak at Automotive Testing Exposition

By Brianna Socci
October 21, 2015

Category • HIL, Automotive Test Expo, HTP

Vince Socci, president of the Platform Division of LHP Engineering Solutions, will speak at the Automotive Testing Exposition in Novi, Michigan on 10/21 on the topic of Hardware-in-the-loop test workflow for automotive controls. When an electronic control enters the automotive market, proven product performance and safety are imperative. A robust test workflow accelerates product development, improves performance, increases reliability, and reduces engineering cost. This presentation will discuss the value of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing for automotive control systems. Systems, components, functions and operations will be described. The sweet spots of each integration and test level will be contrasted. Test processes and best practices will be outlined. Participants will understand how to create and deploy an engineering HIL test workflow into their organizations to effectively and efficiently manage embedded controls testing. For information on how to attend this presentation,


LHP Engineering Solutions to Speak at Engine Expo 2015

By Brianna Socci
October 20, 2015

Category • Automotive Test Expo, Panthera, Rapid Prototyping

Dan White, Chief Engineer of the Platform Division of LHP Engineering Solutions, will speak at the Engine Expo in Novi, Michigan on October 20 on the topic of Model-based design for rapid prototyping of engine controls. This technical presentation outlines solutions for quickly developing and validating new engine control strategies using Mathworks Simulink and National Instruments hardware for rapid control prototyping (RCP). Tools and processes to support flexible architecture, model-based design, measurement and calibration are presented. Different approaches will be explored to demonstrate the advantages of alternative methods. Tool selection and the factors to consider relating to system cost, effectiveness, workflow and long-term flexibility will all be discussed. The RCP workflows to be demonstrated using the LHP Panthera RCP Suite will display clear advantages for improving the effectiveness of engine control prototyping. For information on how to attend this presentation, see LHP

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