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LHPU Bridges the Gap Between University and the Workforce

The transition as a college student to the workforce can be a scary thought, especially in the engineering field. LHPU was founded on the fact that we can bridge the gap from the university to the workforce.


The Importance of Hands-On Training vs. Online Training

By Megan Verkamp
September 04, 2019

Category • Automotive, Training, Validation, Employment, career, Job Development

At LHPU, our goal is to help you excel in the automotive engineering industry by providing you with the hands-on experiences you need to succeed. Though online courses can be valuable and convenient, there is no way to replicate the value you get out of in-person lessons.


The Value of LHPU to an Automotive Engineer

By Megan Verkamp
August 28, 2019

Category • Engine, career, Job Development, Alumni Success

LHPU started based on our customer's needs to place engineers on site. We realized quickly that there were two options for our customers. One was an expert who was super expensive, and the other was a fresh college graduate, who is inexperienced and took a long time to acclimate and become productive.


LHPU Prepares You for Your Automotive Engineering Career

By Megan Verkamp
July 25, 2019

Category • Technology, career, Job Development, Alumni Success

Today's pace of technological change in the marketplace is accelerating. Customers and companies are trying to really grasp what's going on in technological development. The goal of LHPU is to provide engineers who can hit the ground running and really help our customers understand what's going on and help to re-engineer their engineering departments to help achieve their goals around data analytics, telematics, and embedded controls and software.


How to Grow in Your Career

By Xaina McLearen
May 03, 2018

Category • Job Search, Recruiting, career

Career enhancement is not always easy to achieve. When we talk about career enhancement it doesn’t always entail moving to a better position, but instead, it encompasses expanding your skill set, distinguishing yourself from others, and getting more involved where you see fit. Some people aim to move upward in a company, advancing to every new opportunity they can find. While others who, instead of moving upward, just want to enhance themselves in order to excel in the position they currently have.


Job Seeking Tips from a Technical Recruiter- Part 3

By Xaina McLearen
April 13, 2018

Category • Job Search, Technical Recruiters, career

The first two blogs in this 3-part series were all about investing in yourself and understanding how to research a company before you got an interview. Now, it’s all about making sure the actual position you applied for, is really the position you want. Follow along in the third part of this series to understand why finding the right position is just as important as finding the right company.


Job Seeking Tips from a Technical Recruiter- Part 2

By Xaina McLearen
April 06, 2018

Category • Job Search, Technical Recruiters, career

In the first blog series - Investing in Yourself and in Your Resume - we discussed how to prepare for an interview by investing in yourself. We learned that resume preparation is essential to catching the eye of a recruiter or potential employer. Understanding what you want in the future, and where you want to be is also crucial. By understanding where you want to be in five or ten years, you will be able to frame out how your skills can help an organization grow. In part 2 of the blog series, we dig a little deeper to help job seekers understand the critical elements during a job search.


Job Seeking Tips from a Technical Recruiter- Part 1 

By Xaina McLearen
March 30, 2018

Category • Job Search, Technical Recruiters, career

Seeking a job in any industry can be challenging, but one of the most challenging industries to break into is the automotive industry. With advancements in technology, process, and tools happening nearly every day, hiring managers are forced to be very particular and precise in what they are looking. Candidates are required to have specific qualifications, skill sets, and adequate of experience. While experience and a well-rounded skill set are important, job seekers must be able to take the first steps to finding the correct job and going about the application process correctly. This will be a three-part blog discussing three major tips for job seekers.

Mastering Functional Safety at your Organization

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