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Data, Devices, Connectivity, Oh-My!

By Bryan Rushton
February 26, 2018

Category • Data Analytics, IoT, IoT Analytics Training, Connectivity

It is impossible to go very long without hearing that IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and AI are going to completely transform everything we do, both personally and professionally. Yet, for all the talk, most people are willing to admit that, while they might vaguely know what the concepts are and some of the anecdotal effects of these technologies permeating our everyday lives will be, they don't exactly know how to get started. LHP has created an IoT Analytics Training that focuses on IoT connectivity between the could and live data sets


LHP Reinvents the Traditional Engineering V-Model

LHP will demonstrate how the traditional engineering V-model can be transformed into a diamond to encompass enterprise-wide solutions.


Join LHP at Indy Big Data

By Megan Verkamp
July 18, 2016

Category • Data Analytics

LHP will be in Indianapolis, IN on Thursday September 1st for The third annual Indy Big Data Conference The Tipping Point. This event brings visionaries from all sectors together to highlight the new tools and technologies that have recently hit the market. This years conference will be focused on creating a big data culture of success and exploring topics such as thinking and doing things differently than you or your organization have ever done before. By the year 2025, the Internet of Things is expected to generate between $3.9 to $11.1 Trillion of economic benefit per year. Embedded Controls Software and Analytics are expected to drive 85% of the IoT revenue, with IoT value derived from Business Transformation opportunities and through enabling new business models. To meet this challenge, companies must to bring together the people, processes, and tools from engineering and IT into seamless, connected solutions. Join Michael King from LHP Engineering Solutions as we demonstrate

Mastering Functional Safety at your Organization

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Webinar: Is the Latest ISO 26262 Standard Impacting your Business?


 How ISO 26262 Opened the Doors - Use Case- Ipad
  • Use Case: ISO 26262 Compliance Opened the Doors to New Customers for Tier 1 Supplier


SemiConductor - Guide-booklet 
  • Guide: How to Model ISO 26262 Compliance based on DO 254