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LHP Showcase

By Brianna Socci
April 14, 2016

Category • Panthera, Rapid Prototyping, Embedded Controls, RPU, DTE

LHP Showcase: Rubbing Elbows, Kicking Tires, and Learning the Ropes The LHP Platform Team spent the first week of April holding a Product Showcase at the LHPES Detroit office in Pontiac, MI. The showcase included workshops, seminars, and demos to get our customers up to speed on the latest tech to accelerate embedded controls development. The theme of this showcase was to explore LHPs model-based development workflow, with an integrated product line, that enables rapid prototyping, desktop simulation, and hardware-in-the-loop VV. Product Demos The LHP product line was displayed and demonstrated for all visitors. Customers were able to run model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, and hardware-in-the-loop applications with our Panthera rapid controls prototyping suite (RCP), rapid prototype units (RPU), desktop test environments (DTE), and HIL test platforms (HTP). Tours, walkthroughs, and demos, allowed LHP and our customers to interact and discuss applications. Lunch and Learns We


LHPES 2016 Road Show

By Brianna Socci
January 19, 2016

Category • Panthera, HTP, RPU, Model Based Design, DTE

The LHP team is on tour! Our engineers are packing up their roadie cases and visiting companies and technical events to demonstrate how embedded controls can be developed more effectively with powerful tools and efficient workflows. Some of the presentations prepared for these visits include: Accelerating your Embedded Controls with an Integrated Workflow A Rapid Prototyping Workflow for Embedded Controls Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Workflow for Automotive Controls Implementing a Model-based Design and Test Workflow Each of these presentations are prepared with an educational seminar and product demonstration format. LHP is always willing to tailor our workshops to the specific needs of the audience. If you, your application, or your technical team can benefit from learning about these tools and workflows, be sure to contact to schedule LHPs participation in your event. Applications with specific interest in embedded controls development would gain the most

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