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A New Platform For Testing Complex Control Systems - Part 2

By Brianna Socci
October 15, 2015

Category • HIL, Hardware Architecture, HTP, Testing

Later this month, LHP is releasing a new product into our model-based design and test workflow at the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, MI. The LHP Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Platform (LHP/HTP) supports verification and validation of embedded systems development. This is the second blog in a three-part interview series that highlights the new LHP/HTP (If you missed part one, click here). Howard Moore is a Hardware Engineering Manager at LHP Engineering Solutions, and supports hardware product development and technical sales. In this interview, hell provide details on the hardware specifications for the LHP/HTP. Howard Moore Interview Brianna: What is the purpose of the LHP Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Platform (LHP/HTP) hardware architecture? Howard: The hardware architecture provides a flexible IO and load interface for the target device under test (DUT). IO lines can be scaled and isolated from the base NI system to provide flexible test and measurement capability without the

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