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LHPU to Offer New Training in Alliance with MES and SAE International 

In June of 2017, LHP announced a new Partnership with Model Engineering Solutions (MES), a German based vendor of quality tools for model-based development. This partnership allows LHP to present MES’s unique training materials in the U.S


LHPES 2016 Road Show

By Brianna Socci
January 19, 2016

Category • Panthera, HTP, RPU, Model Based Design, DTE

The LHP team is on tour! Our engineers are packing up their roadie cases and visiting companies and technical events to demonstrate how embedded controls can be developed more effectively with powerful tools and efficient workflows. Some of the presentations prepared for these visits include: Accelerating your Embedded Controls with an Integrated Workflow A Rapid Prototyping Workflow for Embedded Controls Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Workflow for Automotive Controls Implementing a Model-based Design and Test Workflow Each of these presentations are prepared with an educational seminar and product demonstration format. LHP is always willing to tailor our workshops to the specific needs of the audience. If you, your application, or your technical team can benefit from learning about these tools and workflows, be sure to contact to schedule LHPs participation in your event. Applications with specific interest in embedded controls development would gain the most


LHP Bridges the Gap between Mathworks’ Simulink® and National Instruments’ Hardware

By Sandeep Dosanjh
November 16, 2015

Category • Panthera, Rapid Prototyping, Model Based Design

Mathworks Simulink is a commonly used programming environment for modeling and simulation and National Instruments is a leader in test automation equipment. Traditionally, making these two companies tools work together added complexity to the workflow, leading to an increase in delivery time and cost. LHP saw this as an opportunity to create platforms to accelerate model based design by uniting Matworks and National Instruments products. Earlier this year, LHP released its first version of the Panthera RCP Suite at National Instruments (NI) Week 2015, allowing users to develop real-time controls algorithms with Simulink and then immediately deploy their models to National Instruments hardware. Panthera Features The Panthera RCP Suite is a complete suite that supports rapid controls prototyping on National Instruments LinuxRT-based controllers. The suite includes the Panthera Blockset, Panthera RTE run-time engine, Calibra measurement and calibration tool, and Panthera FPGA toolkit. The

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