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LHPES 2016 European Product Roadshow

By Brianna Socci
May 05, 2016

Category • Panthera, Rapid Prototyping, RCP Eval Kit

The LHP Team took its Product Road Showto Europe! LHP visited customers throughout Europe to introduce our Panthera Rapid Controls Prototyping (RCP) Software and our RCP Evaluation Kit, and to advise them on real-world applications. Customers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Academic, and Medical sectors were able to get their hands on LHP tools to execute Simulink models on real-time National Instruments hardware. As LHP and our customers analyzed their application needs, we were able to architect solutions using LHPs hardware and software tools. Several of these customers are now already using Panthera to accelerate their embedded controls development. LHP tools are proving valuable in providing the Simulink experience on National Instruments hardware, with a seamless workflow and expeditious development cycles. The new RCP Eval Kit has a self-training workbook that teaches new users to operate the Panthera software and Eval Kit hardware. Hands-on projects with practical applications