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Which tools should I use for ASIL D requirement management ISO 26262 / IEC 61508?

There are multitude of requirements management tools in the marketplace (e.g., IBM DNG, Siemens Polarion, JAMA, Helix). How does an organization make the important decision of which is best for its needs when the options are endless or when using Microsoft Word/Excel or Google Docs for requirements management can be considered? Is there even one tool that can meet all of the organization’s needs? This blog will describe why selecting a tool based on one specific departmental need, such as requirements management, might be impractical.


Requirements are the Foundation of Test Processes

By Jamie Williams
September 02, 2015

Category • Requirements, Testing

Building quality into a product mandates extensive testing throughout the product development process. Testing starts with Customer Needs and product conception and continues through the development process to the manufacturing floor. If Customer Need translations misinterpret the initial voice of the customer, then the delivered product will fail acceptance testing and validation. Product quality requires testing early and testing often inclusive of requirement translations. Testing requires cycles of requirement analysis, test strategy development, test design, test case development, test execution, results reporting, defect management, traceability, and best practices to be incorporated into the concept, design, optimization, and manufacturing phases of product development. Requirements are to product development as arrows are to archery. Well written requirements provide the developer the tools to create the desired product and hit product goals. Building quality into requirements

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